I surrendered unto Him all there was of me; everything! Then for the first time I realized what it meant to have real power. – Kathryn Kuhlman 

The Vision Carrier


Alphina “ByFaith” is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and author of several bestselling Christian books.  She uses her God given platform to empower and provoke her generation into knowing and utilizing the God-kind of faith, while walking into their God given purpose.  Alphina is the custodian, as led by the Lord, of the #MorningCrew, a social media devotional platform, that gathers believers from around the world daily, to honor the  Lord and hear Him (Luke 21:38).  She is also, by the grace of God, the custodian of Mummy Tea Destiny - an annual event empowering and honoring mothers on Mother’s day each year, which launched in 2013.  She is a devoted mother, who holds Master’s Degree in Organizational Management from Trinity University, in Washington, DC., and she continues to be a student of the Word of God.  

Humble Beginings


With her origins in the nation of Sierra Leone, West Africa, and having grown up in a family that still worships a different faith, Alphina found the Lord Jesus Christ in 1997, as a freshman in college, at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in Indiana, PA, where she attended Victory Christian Assembly, under the leading of Bishop Melvin Jenkins. There she was introduced to music and mining ministries.  Going through "college life," she found herself back sliding several times, while still attempting to understand her new found faith.   While sitting in a car in Elwyn, PA in the summer of 2002, Alphina in a depressed state, went to a bible that was in the back window of her car, and "told herself" that wherever it turned, would be what God was saying to her. (Be sure not to try this at home!) The bible verse she opened to on that day was Psalms 119:71. " It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes." (Amplified Bible Translation)

Using What God Gave


In September 2004, having moved to a different state, Alphina rededicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at Faith Clinic Church International, under the leadership of Bishop John Pedro.  Over the years, she grew in faith, while serving in the choir, and giving dedicated time to studying God's Word.  She also through the power of the Holy Spirit, came into understanding of her God giving gifts and talents, some of which include writing songs, authoring books, and sharing the Word of God.  At her home church she was ordained as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to date remains a member of the same church family, while being a blessing with what God has assigned her to do in her generation.  She released her first book, Youth Renewed, and a confession CD "I Speak Life," in 2013.  Throughout the course of life, she has endured personal challenges and testimonies that are not only lessons but carry God given messages of hope and restoration for all that will hear.  She has seen the tangible move of God in her personal bouts with challenges from abuse, to homelessness, to divorce, to single parenthood, debt, and health challenges, and she with all glory to God she stands as a testament to the merciful move and use of God, over the life that is made available to Him.